LaceLocker and 2019 Tournaments

First and foremost, happy new year!! Hope 2019 is filled with joy and success for all of you guys!

As of me, I am back in Florida getting ready to compete in two Eggland events, and am definitely enjoying the warmer weather than what I’ve been experiencing in Japan. (But apparently the winter in Japan wasn’t as bad this year compared to the usual.)

I am writing this blogpost to announce LaceLocker®️ as my first sponsorship as I pursue my LPGA dream! I am very grateful for the opportunity they have given me, and love having them on my team. I met their executive director, Carol ‘Stash’ Stanley when I was still at UVA, and I just really can’t thank her enough for her generosity and more than anything, her belief in my game. 

I  definitely had times when I questioned myself as I decided to turn professional and continue playing, but I decided to put all worries aside and just believe in the process and myself, because so many people, like Stash, encouraged me and believed in me, and that really gave me the confidence to fight. 

The bottom line of this post, is that I am so happy to represent such a beautiful and strong community like LaceLocker®️, and that I will continue pursuing my dream in 2019!

My first two tournaments for the season are the following England’s Tour! 
DeBary Golf & CC (1/28-1/30)
Timacuan Golf Club (2/6-2/8)®-Family

Wishing all the best for everyone out there:))

(Also sorry for slow updates! Laptop still broken, and I am typing this on my cracked iPhone- and hopefully it gets easier soon! Hahaha)


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